Prep Swim Academy

Aquatico takes Water Safety very seriously, so we are proud to offer swim lessons to many of our communities! We offer Private and Group Lessons, depending on your community’s request.*

All swim lessons can be booked at the link on the bottom of the page.

Private Lessons

1-to- 1 Ratio
Student led Instruction

Available to all levels of swimmers- Tadpole, Minnow, Fish and Dolphin

Meet three days per week for two weeks

20 minute lessons

Group Lessons

Small Group- 1 to 5 students
Group led Instruction

Available to Minnow and Fish level swimmers
Meet two days per week for two weeks
30 minute lessons

Program Overview

Aquatico Prep Swim Academy offers swim lessons in 2 week sessions.

We offer multiple levels for all abilities.

Skill Level 1: Tadpole

Swimmer must be at least 2 years old.

This is a beginner level, no previous swim lessons are necessary.

Skill Level 2: Minnow

Swimmer must be able to put their face and head underwater.
Swimmer must be able to glide and kick unassisted

Swimmer must be able to float on their back, comfortably and without assistance

Skill Level 3: Fish

Swimmer must be able to perform the freestyle pull and kick together.
Swimmer must know how to perform the backstroke kick.

Skill Level 4: Dolphin

Student must know the proper breathing technique for freestyle.
Student must know the backstroke pull and kick.

All students of Aquatico Prep Swim Academy will be taught basic water survival skills and water safety skills.

*Not all facilities offer swim lessons, or private and group lessons.

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